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  Section 1 Training Management
  First, the purpose of training: to shape corporate culture, promote the value of human resources, and improve business performance.
  Second, the training principle: the needs of staff training and the company's development needs.
  3. The permanent establishment of the company's training management is the training group, which is attached to the Human Resources Department. Except for the training and development supervisors, the remaining positions are part-time personnel, which are selected by the Human Resources Department within the group.
  Fourth, company training is divided into first-level training and second-level training.
  1. The first-level training is sponsored by the Human Resources Department. It is responsible for the management training of the group's middle-level and above personnel (including the general manager of the molecular company), self-management training for the employees of the group headquarters, pre-employment training for new employees, and assignment training.
  2. The secondary training is sponsored by the various centers or molecular companies of the group and is responsible for the business training, job training and assignment training of the unit. The training is completed to the Human Resources Department for the record.
  Fives. Training points system
  1. At the beginning of each year, the training team will determine the training curriculum and corresponding credits according to the company's development strategy and training needs survey results. Students who participate in the training and pass the assessment can obtain credits. The training team also establishes a training file for each student, recording the annual training test scores and points.
  2. The training points for each position will be adjusted once a year by the training team. The formal employee performance appraisal will be carried out in conjunction with my annual training points, and the performance appraisal of those who fail to meet the target will be affected. Employees must be promoted with the training points to be promoted to the ranks, otherwise they will only be promoted to acting positions.
  3, the company's full staff training and special training required, regardless of whether the points are up to standard, you must participate.
  4, the company's prescribed training courses, the personnel department will be strict attendance. You must not be late, leave early, or absent from class. If you are unable to participate in special circumstances, you should take time off from the personnel department.
  Six, employee self-training
  1. The company encourages employees to take part in the academic degree examination, professional title examination and qualification examination related to their work. If the qualification examination really needs to occupy working hours, it can be verified by the person in charge of the personnel department with the certificate of the training and examination institution.
  2. When employees are employed in the academic education or training related to this position, they need to take up the working hours on Saturday. They can use the admission certificate, and after being examined and approved by the department and personnel department, they will be treated according to public holidays. However, when there are important work arrangements or work needs, you should obey the company arrangement.
  3. For those who have obtained higher academic degrees, titles, and qualifications, the company will serve as an important basis for employees to advance.
  4. After the employee's training, the company's working time is less than the agreed period of the ”Training Agreement“, the company has the right to pursue the corresponding responsibility according to the agreement.