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Position release
Department Post Place NO. Requirement
Department:Marketing personnel Post:Position release Place: NO.: 12 人
Age limitation for work: 1-3 years Educational background: No limit Date: 2024-05-28
1. Have more than 1 year sales experience in machinery and electromechanical equipment, and fresh graduates are also welcome;
2. Have good marketing negotiation ability, market development ability, market public relations ability, good appearance and image, and can travel frequently;
3. Driver's license and certain driving experience are preferred;
4. Willing to bear hardships, cooperate, be dedicated and able to work under pressure;
Company benefits
(1) Rest days: all employees of the company are entitled to rest days outside the legal working hours.
(2) Legal holidays: all employees are entitled to the following paid holidays every year (regarded as work)
a. New year's Day (January 1 of the Gregorian calendar)
b. Spring Festival (according to the production needs of the company, generally there are paid holidays from the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month to the 8th day of the first lunar month)
c. Qingming Festival (April 4 or 5 of the Gregorian calendar)
d. Labor Day (May 1 of the Gregorian calendar)
e. Dragon Boat Festival (the 5th day of may in the lunar calendar)
f. Mid Autumn Festival (August 15 of the lunar calendar)
g. National Day (October 1, 2 and 3 of the Gregorian calendar)
(3) Work related injury leave is regarded as work-related injury leave, and the specific circumstances shall be handled in accordance with the national social insurance regulations.
(4) Marriage leave formal employees who have worked continuously in the company for 12 months (from the date of becoming regular) can apply for paid leave of 7 days (including rest days) with their marriage certificate.
(5) Maternity leave female employees who have worked continuously for 12 months (from the date of becoming regular) can apply for paid leave of three months (including rest days) before and after production.
(6) Employees on public holidays who participate in obligations or public welfare activities stipulated by national laws and participate in entrance or qualification examinations related to their work can be paid according to working hours after being reported by their department and personnel department to the company's leaders for approval.
(7) It is stipulated that employees shall report the type and time of leave to their direct supervisor and HR department 15 days in advance, and negotiate and arrange specific matters of leave. Those who fail to take more than 10 days off due to work reasons shall be adjusted.
2. Insurance: the company provides pension, medical, work-related injury and unemployment insurance for regular employees.
3. He Yi and Dian Yi
(1) When a formal employee gets married, the company will send a wedding ceremony of 200 yuan.
(2) If the immediate family member of the regular employee dies, the company will pay a memorial service of RMB 200.
4. Festival expenses the company shall, depending on the business situation, distribute congratulatory money or gifts on legal festivals or company anniversaries.
5. Health examination: the company invests in physical examination for employees who have worked for one year every two years.
6. Employee activities: the company holds various employee activities from time to time
training plan
Section I training management
1、 Training purpose: shaping corporate culture, promoting the value-added of human resources and improving business performance.
2、 Training principle: combine the training needs of employees with the development needs of the company.
3、 The permanent organization of the company's training management is the training group, which is subordinate to the human resources department. Except for the training and development director, other positions are part-time personnel selected by the human resources department within the group.
4、 The company's training is divided into level I training and level II training.
1. The first level training is sponsored by the human resources department, which is responsible for the management training of the group's middle-level and above personnel (including the general manager of the subsidiary), the self-management training of the group's headquarters employees, the pre service training of new employees, expatriate training, etc.
2. Level II training is sponsored by each center or subsidiary company of the group and is responsible for business training, on-the-job training and expatriate training of the unit. The training shall be filed with the human resources department.
5、 Training point system
1. At the beginning of each year, the training team will determine the training curriculum and corresponding credits according to the company's development strategy and training demand survey results. Those who participate in the training and pass the assessment can obtain credits. At the same time, the training team shall establish training files for each trainee and record the annual training test results and points.
2. The points standard for each post training shall be adjusted by the training team once a year. The performance appraisal of regular employees will be conducted in combination with their annual training points, and the performance appraisal of those who fail to meet the points will be affected. For promotion, employees must obtain training points for the qualification of the proposed promotion level, otherwise they will only be promoted to agency positions.
3. All staff training and important training specially required by the company, whether the points meet the standards or not, shall be attended.
4. The personnel department will strictly check attendance for the training courses specified by the company. It is not allowed to be late, leave early or absent from class without reason. If it is impossible to participate under special circumstances, it shall ask for leave from the personnel department.
6、 Employee self training
1. The company encourages employees to take part in the academic degree examination, professional title examination and practice qualification examination related to their own work after work. If the qualification examination really needs to occupy working hours, it can be treated as a public holiday after being approved by the person in charge of the personnel department with the certificate of the training and examination institution.
2. If an employee really needs to occupy Saturday working hours when participating in academic education or training related to his / her post, he / she can be treated as a public holiday after being reviewed and approved by the head of the Department and personnel department with the enrollment certificate. However, when there is an important work arrangement or work need temporarily, it shall comply with the arrangement of the company.
3. For those who have obtained higher academic degrees, professional titles and qualifications, the company will serve as an important basis for employee promotion.
4. The company has the right to investigate the corresponding responsibilities according to the agreement if the employee's working hours in the company after training have not reached the number of years agreed in the training agreement.
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