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After-sales service

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  With the development of society, there are more than a thousand types of brush products, with a market value of billions each year, and there are more than one hundred brush-making equipment factories. The quality and price of brush-making equipment vary greatly. For brush-making companies, it has become a difficult task to choose the correct brush-making equipment that can meet their own needs. In order to better avoid falling into many purchase traps, Hubei Zhifeng recommends that brush-making companies buy brush-making equipment The following aspects should be considered:

  1. Buy foreign equipment or Chinese equipment

  Although foreign equipment is good, but the price is high, the quality of raw materials is high, the technical requirements for operators are high, the cost of after-sales maintenance is high, and the product modification is not supported, so if it is not strong, there are long-term fixed large orders, it is not recommended to make Brush corporate purchases.

  The characteristics of most brush-making enterprises are: the scale is generally small, the boss himself is also a salesperson, the technical force is weak, the equipment automation is low, and the products are mostly produced in the form of a large variety of small batches. Therefore, brush manufacturers like Chinese-made equipment with reliable quality, reasonable price, simple operation, high degree of automation, easy product change, convenient after-sales, and low maintenance costs.

  2. How to find high-quality Chinese brush-making equipment

  At present, there are many brush-making equipment companies in China, but the product quality varies greatly. Most of them are based on imitating foreign products, simply assembled, and then dumped in the market at low prices. Therefore, brush manufacturers should not be tempted by low prices when buying equipment, and must take the high-quality service of the equipment as the first element.

  HUBEI C.P. recommends that buyers should do the following pre-purchase work:

  1. It is necessary to investigate whether the brushing equipment company has a good reputation in the market, whether the company has strong technical strength, whether the equipment produced is developed or imitated by itself, and whether it has its own intellectual property rights.

  2. It is necessary to know whether the company has equipment design capabilities, processing capabilities, whether processing machinery can meet the processing accuracy requirements, and whether there are qualified equipment assemblers. The production accuracy of brush making equipment is composed of design accuracy, processing accuracy, and assembly accuracy. If the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the brush making equipment are not accurate, it will directly lead to insufficient tension, lint, and concentricity of the produced brush. Insufficient, bulging edges, bursting edges, inaccurate alignment and other problems seriously affect the quality of brush products.

  3. Whether the steel material is used correctly, whether there is any cutting corners, whether the machine body is manufactured in compliance with the standard, and whether the production is strictly according to the process. Because the brush-making machinery needs to run at high speed for a long time, if low-quality steel is used to reduce the cost, it will cause deformation of the workpiece after the equipment is used for a period of time, the equipment is loose, the accuracy is lost, and frequent failures. In order to boast of the high efficiency of their equipment, some unscrupulous manufacturers blindly increase the operating speed, such as 8 holes per second, but have to adjust to 12 holes. It seems that the efficiency has increased, but in fact, it seriously damages the service life of the equipment. It is very important that the equipment is scrapped in advance.

  4. Whether the operation of the equipment is simple, user-friendly, easy to use, whether it can reduce the number of workers, and whether it can improve production efficiency, these are all worth investigating.

  5. Whether the after-sales service is perfect, this is definitely not to be ignored. Many small factories have no after-sales service at all. After the equipment is delivered, it will fail in the future, and it is even more difficult to find someone to replace it. Therefore, buyers should pay attention to whether the manufacturer has a complete after-sales service. Manufacturers with good management usually have complete customer file records for customers and models purchased by customers, and have corresponding stocks of consumable parts, such as hair needles, hair mouths and other accessories, and have corresponding equipment accessories. Number, convenient for customers to purchase. When the equipment leaves the factory, it is equipped with equipment instruction manuals, attached with equipment electrical diagrams and accessories assembly drawings, to teach you how to use, debug, and maintain correctly, and can provide professional opinions on the transportation and installation of the equipment.


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