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  Service Guarantee

  1. Our company trains technical personnel for all customers for free, and provides free board and lodging during the training period.

  2. Before leaving the factory, all equipment ordered by the customer must be fully tested by the customer's relevant person in charge to the factory and inspect the products produced. After all the requirements are met, the equipment will be delivered after the equipment has passed the acceptance.

  3. All parts of each equipment assembly sold by our company have corresponding numbers and production records, and they will be attached to the customer's operation instructions, assembly drawings, and related maintenance instructions when they are shipped out.

  4. Therefore, the computer part and mechanical part of the equipment are guaranteed for one year free of charge from the date of departure (except for wearing parts).

  5. Our company establishes a detailed purchase file for each customer, and stocks a batch of common vulnerable parts for customers at any time in the warehouse.

  6. ​​After our company receives customer complaints and emergency faxes and calls, the after-sales department will make a telephone or fax reply within 1 day (except statutory holidays).

  7. Regardless of whether you have become a contracted customer of our company, we can provide you with free technical consultation and guidance.

  8. Our company can provide samples or board-making services according to customer requirements.

  9. Regardless of whether you are in the brush industry or not, we can design and manufacture special CNC equipment for your special products.



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