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pre-sale service

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  A smart purchaser of equipment will never simply measure the price when ordering equipment, he will put quality first. No matter how cheap the equipment is, it doesn’t have stable performance and can’t make qualified brushes, and it’s the one who suffers. Hubei Zhifeng believes that buying equipment should be expensive and cheap, with a high pass rate of brushes and a high utilization rate of equipment. The overall unit cost of brushes is absolutely low.

  Generally speaking, due to the different shapes, different materials, wool materials and grades of the brush handles (disks, sticks), Hubei Zhifeng's pre-sales work is like this: according to the characteristics of the brushes you produce, we will help you configure the correct ones. Hair needles, hair mouths, hair boxes, knife core mechanism, jaws, fixtures and operating speed, so that the equipment you purchase can produce brush products that meet customer requirements. Therefore, when you order equipment, Hubei Zhifeng will ask you to provide brush samples or drawings, technical and quality requirements, which is very important!

  After the equipment is manufactured, Hubei Zhifeng will try production on the new equipment according to the brush handle (pan, stick) and wool provided by the purchaser as the sample, and then please carefully compare the trial production product with your sample. The quality is completely consistent. If there is no objection, the purchaser will be required to sign and approve the equipment qualification certificate.

  If you are buying equipment for the first time, or purchasing new equipment, Hubei Zhifeng will agree with the purchaser in the purchase contract to train your operating technicians. This is essential, he can help you achieve three goals:

  One, let your operators be skilled and safe to operate this equipment, and you can make sure that you can make qualified products when you go back.

  Secondly, let your operators be skilled in debugging this equipment. If you are not familiar with equipment debugging, it will be difficult to go back and think about high-efficiency and normal production, so you must let your operators become the debugging workers of this equipment.

  Third, let your operators know how to solve the technical work of replacing equipment parts by themselves. Simply put, you must understand the maintenance and after-sales work of the equipment. If the equipment is faulty, you should find the manufacturer for after-sales. Time and cost are for the boss. It will be very expensive, so Hubei Zhifeng will let your operators become equipment maintainers.

  The manufacturers who can help you complete the pre-sales work of purchasing equipment are believed to be completely worthy of your trust.

  Judging from the characteristics of the current brush factory production, from the perspective of improving the rate of return on investment funds, it is recommended that brush companies should try their best to choose equipment that can have multiple functions when purchasing equipment, so that the input is small and the output is large. Use the least capital to get the most profit, Hubei Zhifeng can also help you do this.

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