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Enterprise introduction

   The company which is a wholly Hong Kong invested company by C.P. NCM SYSTEMS LTD was established on March, 2005 in Wuhan at the industrial zone of Anlu City. It is acompany for various kind of numerical control machineries design and manufacturing and has won the “Certificate of merit in the Governor' s award for industry machinery/equipment design competition” in 1989 and “ Hong Kong awards for industry CMA certificate of merit in machinery and equipment design” in 1995,and got various kind of invention, mechanical design patents throughout the years till up to date. NC brush machineries design and manufacturing was its core expertise since the year of the start of its HK parent company in 1987. The company has won its reputation within the brush industry for its high quality machines and their after sale services for problem solving with clients of brush making.

  In order to cope with the development necessity, the company' s factory occupied in Anlu industrial zone an area of about 30. 00. meters with factory floor of about 9000sq.

  With the combination of expertise in various fields,the company strives its best to develop new techniques,new innovation,and new products in order to suit for the fast changing of the society.A characteristic of our brush making machineries is that it suits for small quantity production.I t is flexible for the changeover to different kind of brushes making,but of high efficiency ,and of high quality.Stable,easy operation and easy maintenance are the specialties.All the tuft head parts are marked with part numbers for easy replacement.This solved the complexity of foreign machineries for their difficulty and expensive in maintenance,inefficiency in constant changing for different brushes production,not suitable for small volume of bush making,not easy change to suit for some special brushes making when the delivery time is tight.If you want to suit for nowadays low volume,large different style and pattern of brushes,and your easy master of the machines both in operation and in maintenance,C.P. machines are your prudent choice.

  In order to enable your products to be competitive and successful,suitable advanced machineries,technique and expertise are key elements in this fast changing and demanding market.If you chose us as your supplier,C.P. will be part of you and will work with you together to realize your thinking to reality so as to earn your achievement.Your success is our glory.