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  The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Zhifeng Machinery CNC System Co., Ltd. established in Anlu, Hubei in March 2005. It is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of various professional CNC machinery for mechatronics technology. It was successively established in 1989. Won the Hong Kong "First Governor's Industrial Award Merit Award" and the 1995 Hong Kong "Manufacturers Association Machinery and Design Merit Award". Now it is mainly engaged in the manufacture of digital control brush machinery with a long history.

  With the company's development needs, it has acquired 50 acres of land in Hubei Anlu Industrial Park, with a plant area of ​​more than 9,000 square meters.

  Our company gathers talents of professional and technical elites, exerts the spirit and wisdom of Zhifeng Company, and constantly follows the development of the society, aims at market demand, develops new crafts, new technologies, and new products to serve the society. Our products have one machine with multiple functions, flexible replacement, high efficiency, high quality, high quality; stable performance, easy operation, and quick maintenance (implementing replacement of parts and accessories), breaking through the difficulty of foreign equipment change, long cycle, The disadvantage of high cost is more suitable for the production of some products with small order quantity, various styles, unique craftsmanship, tight delivery time, and high quality requirements; therefore, it must be your wisdom to buy our equipment.

  With the development of the times, market competition has transformed into competition for advanced equipment and skills. Whoever has advanced equipment and skills can win the market. We sincerely hope to be your best equipment supplier and create considerable economic benefits for you. This is the direction of our efforts; your success is my glory!

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