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  1. Enterprise value concept: Seeking truth and innovation, perfection

  The value concept that all employees unanimously agree is the most fundamental principle that guides the behavior of the company. It essentially determines the success of the company, and it is also the root of the company's performance.

  2. Business philosophy: Striving for survival

  Striving for survival is our business philosophy, a personalized business philosophy. The development of an enterprise is like a big wave scouring the sand. An enterprise can only win a good environment for survival and development (that is, future survival) if it does its utmost to fight, fight, and achieve good operating performance.

  3. Enterprise service concept: customer first, service attentively

  "Customer first" emphasizes that customers are always the first, and customers are above and above everything else. "Serve with heart" emphasizes the basic principles to be followed in the service. Customer satisfaction is our work standard, and we want to create touch with our sincerity.

  4. Corporate Quality Concept: Strive for excellence and excel

  Quality is life, products represent character, and excellent service is done by excellent people. Excellence and excellence are the quality concepts we follow and pursue. Keep improving, that is, high standards, strict requirements, good quality, and meticulously doing every job; excellence is the pursuit of excellence, creating first-class, leading the group. In the current fierce competition, if we want to be one step ahead in everything, we must first be superior in quality.

  5. Enterprise talent concept: Let every piece of gold shine

  Human resources are the first resource. The competition among today's enterprises is, in the final analysis, the competition of talents. Those who get talented people get success, and those who want to succeed must get talented people first. To create all favorable conditions and environment, "let every piece of gold shine" is our talent concept. As long as employees are a piece of gold, the company will definitely create opportunities and conditions for them to show their talents, let their advantages and potentials be fully utilized, and truly make them "shining."

  6. ​​Corporate learning philosophy: one must seek knowledge to survive

  Learning is the first need of modern people, and it is the fundamental means for enterprises and employees to survive and develop. Only when an enterprise becomes a learning organization can it survive and develop for a long time without perishing; employees can only keep up with the pace of social development without being eliminated. Knowledge is wealth, ability is worth, learning is the accumulation of capital, and learning can create happiness.

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