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Corporate culture

  First, the enterprise value concept: seeking truth and innovation, perfection
  The value concept agreed by all employees is the most fundamental principle guiding business behavior, which essentially determines the success of the company and is the root cause of the company's performance.
  Second, the business philosophy: to fight for survival
  Fighting for survival is our business philosophy and a personalized business philosophy. The development of the enterprise is like a big wave of sand, strong selection, and excellent choice. Only by doing their best to fight hard, fight, and achieve good business performance can we win a good environment for survival and development (ie, survival in the future).
  Third, the enterprise service concept: customer first, service attentively
  “Customer first” emphasizes that the customer is always in the first place, and the customer is in a position higher than and above all. “Intentional service” emphasizes the basic criteria to be followed in service. Customer satisfaction is our standard of work. We must use real heart to create emotion.
  Fourth, the company's quality philosophy: excellence, excellence
  Quality is life, products represent character, and excellent service is done by excellent people. Excellence, excellence, is the quality philosophy we follow and pursue. Keep improving, that is, high standards, strict requirements, good and good, and meticulously doing every job; excellence is the pursuit of excellence, creating first-class, leading the group. In the current fierce competition, we must be one step ahead in everything, first of all, to be superior in quality.
  V. Enterprise talent concept: let each piece of gold shine
  Human resources are the first resource. The competition between today's enterprises is, in the final analysis, the competition of talents. Those who have talents will succeed, and those who want to succeed will have talents first. Creating all the favorable conditions and environment, “letting every piece of gold shine” is our talent concept. As long as the employee is a piece of gold, the company will certainly create opportunities and conditions, let it show its talents, let its advantages and potentials be fully utilized, and really let him “glow.”
  Sixth, enterprise learning philosophy: survival must be known
  Learning is the first need of modern people and the fundamental means for enterprises and employees to seek survival and development. Only when a company becomes a learning organization can it survive and develop for a long time without dying; employees can only keep up with the pace of social development without being eliminated if they continue to learn. Knowledge is wealth, skill is worth, learning is to accumulate capital, learning can create happiness.