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"One machine, three functions" fully automatic CNC drilling and hair planting machine

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"One machine, three functions" fully automatic CNC drilling and hair planting machine
, five axis independent operation, suitable for three different types of brush products: disc brush, flat brush and round stick brush. 
The whole machine adopts imported servo motor, imported high-speed spindle, and the driving screw uses precision ball screw. It can be used for single drilling, single hair planting, drilling and hair planting head selection by using a unique rotary conversion clutch, regular hole position editing of drilling and hair planting, automatic distribution and calculation program by computer, reducing the tedious steps of using handwheel to teach hole input one by one, adopting a new design of drilling and hair planting head, making the hair planting speed faster and more stable. 
The machine head can automatically rise and fall to reduce the adjustment time of the thickness change of the plate brush. It has the function of automatic compensation. When the expansion hole position is not on time during the process of the stick brush planting, it can compensate the offset correction. The sliding part of the machine head bearing is equipped with the electric oil pump to cycle the oil supply regularly, which extends the service life of the accessories. The clamp adopts the pneumatic or three jaw clamping handle to loosen the handle. The automatic mode can be temporarily carried out at any time Stop repairing hole position data, which can be accessed by USB flash disk.
Hubei Zhifeng CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. solemnly launched a high-efficiency, high-quality "one machine, three uses" fully automatic CNC drilling and hair planting machine with complete intellectual property rights to the majority of brush manufacturers nationwide in the autumn of 2018. This model has the advantages of high efficiency, high cost performance, flexible replacement, simple operation, stable performance, fast maintenance, durability, which fully meets the production characteristics of many varieties and small batches of manufacturers, and perfectly solves the production requirements of unique technology, many styles, small orders, tight delivery time and high quality. 
Its excellent production quality can especially meet the foreign customers and domestic high-end customers of the "China brush base - Anhui Yuantan" manufacturer's unique product technology, many styles, small orders, tight delivery time, high-quality production demand. With it, you can receive export orders and high-end orders without worry. One top three, it effectively solves the problem that Yuantan manufacturers and friends invest a lot of money to buy multiple models to improve the product line, expands the production capacity, enlivens the capital of the boss, and is a truly customized low input, high-yield intelligent integrated machine for many Yuantan manufacturers. 
Before sales, Zhifeng will design and manufacture the equipment according to the product samples or drawings provided by the customers. After the equipment manufacturing is completed and the products completely consistent with the customer's samples or drawings can be produced, the contract can be concluded with the customer. This mode ensures that the equipment provided to the customer can fully meet the customer's needs. At the same time, after signing the transaction contract with the customer, the customer is required to send personnel to the company to train the equipment operation and maintenance technology, and the equipment can be delivered to the customer only after they are proficient in the application of the equipment. 
Each part of each equipment sold by Zhifeng has a laser marking number, and each equipment has its own "ID card". Zhifeng can track the quality and after-sales of all customers' equipment for life, respond to the after-sales of customers' consumables and accessories quickly and effectively, and avoid customers buying fake and inferior parts by mistake. This may be a unique sales model in China. This unique sales mode reflects the strength of Zhifeng's product quality and the integrity of Zhifeng.
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