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Three color disc sweeper, two drilling heads and one planting head

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Multi axis linkage operation, suitable for all kinds of disc drilling and hair planting, the maximum swing angle of brush handle can reach 45 degrees. 
The whole machine adopts imported servo motor, high-speed electric spindle, imported precision ball screw, LM type guide rail, imported precision gear and rack; the parts used for assembly of the whole machine, regardless of size, are processed by imported machining center and grinder, with high precision of parts, so the after-sales maintenance is convenient. Through computer editing, the equipment can carry out single drilling, single hair planting, left and right circulation of drilling and hair planting; the regular drilling and hair planting can be automatically distributed and calculated by computer; the newly designed drilling and hair planting machine head is adopted to make the drilling and hair planting faster and more stable. 
The machine head can be adjusted by manual, and the computer has the function of automatic measuring, so that the depth of each hole position is the same. The sliding part of the machine head bearing has the electric oil pump to periodically cycle the oil supply, so as to extend the service life of the parts. The left and right disc clamps are easy to adjust and use. 
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