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One drill and one plant multi-function five-axis drilling and planting machine successfully developed

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  Our company has recently developed a drilling and hair-planting machine based on customer surveys and the actual needs of some customers. This machine is mainly developed for the drilling and planting of long stick brushes. Compared with the traditional long stick brush machines seen on the market, there are two most notable features: First, the structure is reasonable. It only needs to be operated by a single person, which is convenient and easy. The second is to save time and increase production efficiency.
  This machine is mainly composed of two parts---drilling/planting machine head and stick brushing workbench. Now we make a brief introduction: the drilling and planting machine head adopts the joint design of the drilling head and the planting head, which simplifies The program is easy to install and has different mechanical functions than the previous drilling machine. We all know that the existing long stick brush processing must be drilled first, and then tens of thousands of holes are drilled and then taken down. Going to the planting machine to plant the hair, and the process must be completed by two or three people, which takes time and effort! Our company is thinking about developing this successful drilling planting machine for customers, and changing its processing method to save time and effort. When drilling, the drilling head first drills a part of the hole. At this time, the hair-planting head can not move. When the drilled hole reaches the hair-planting head, the drilling and planting can be completed simultaneously, that is to say, the drilling head and the hair-planting head should be completed at this time. Work at the same time and must be synchronized, otherwise the work cannot be completed. When the entire handle is drilled, the drill must be stopped at this point, and the implant head should continue to work until all the holes are finished. This explains a problem: a single clamping can be completed, reducing manpower and reducing the trouble of secondary clamping. The drilling is synchronized with the flocking, so the efficiency of the conventional flocking method can be several times. This machine has achieved such an effect and it is necessary to introduce the mechanical construction and function of the bored planting head. The drilling head and the hair-planting head can be operated separately or simultaneously, without disturbing each other. The newly developed mechanical clutch technology (which is being patented) is controlled.
  Previously, there were also joint machines with drill heads and hair-planting heads. There are two ways to combine them. Now let's take a look: in contrast to the newly developed ones, one is to use the electronic clutch for the drilling head and the hair-planting head. Connected together, this kind of action can be performed by two heads separately, but the performance is very poor when synchronizing, and often cannot be synchronized, so it cannot work normally. The other is to connect the drilling head to the hair-planting head with a shaft. Although this solves the problem of synchronization, the disadvantage is that the two heads cannot be operated separately, which limits its scope of use. The drilling and hair-planting machine equipped with a mechanical clutch is different, and it can be arbitrarily set and has good stability. It is also necessary to mention the workbench. The existing one is specially designed and manufactured for the stick brush. It adopts precision imported guide rails and has good mechanical performance. It is equipped with two axes and all servo motors are driven. It can be completed in a straight line or rotated. And the handle can be adjusted according to the actual situation, that is, the height of the clamp at both ends. The length of the planting hair is between 25mm and 85mm on the floating surface, and the length of the handle is less than or equal to 4M. The drilling and planting head can also be adjusted according to actual needs, and the stroke is between 0-300mm.
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