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3.5M large stick brush computer numerical control drilling and planting machine

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3.5M large stick brush computer numerical control drilling and planting machine


  This economic and practical type drilling and tufting machine was designed and produced by the company suitable for small and medium enterprises usages. The machine is compact in size, occupied less floor space, lower prices, and economic to use.


  Drilling and tufting can be performed in synchronization so as to lessen the side effect of the plastic roller expansion. If when the whole piece of the roller was drilled first, then when tufting is performed, the plastic roller will experience expansion and hence drilled hole positions will be changed and thus tufting precisely inside holes are impossible as the roller is long and thus would affect the pulling forces of the bristles tufted.


  Two independent axis working suitable for all large wooden roller or plastic roller brushes drilling and tufting.


  One drilling head, one tufting head, it can be single drill, single tuft, or drilling and tufting at the same time.


  Just input several parameters to finish the data input, the rest will be handled by the controller, precise, simple and easy for change over.


  Our staple type tuft heads have been used in the market for many years that the stability can be ensured, simple construction, easy for maintenance. It is also suitable for horse tail bristle, boar bristle, natural bristle, nylon bristles from 0.06-1.2mm diameters, PP bristles etc.


  Large capacity of the bristle container. It can be of double color tufting. Or making use of the left and right side of the chambers that when one chamber of bristle has been used up, then use the other side chamber and fill up bristles in the drained up chamber while the machine is running. In this way, it will not affect the tufting quality and also increase the production efficiency.


  In normal operation, fixture can bear the brush roller weight of up to 120kg as it is equipped with high power SERVO motors with high speed, and precise positioning.


  Suitable for brush roller diameter from 50-280mm,And length of from 500-3500mm


  Suitable for hole drilling diameter from 1.0-10.0mm,And tufting diameter from 3.0 to 7.0mm.For different size of holes, some parts has to be changed to be compatible.